Samsung Gear S2: Watch Face Designer

Create your own watch face by using the Gear Watch Designer. Easily customize any element of the watch to suit your needs.

"Create Watchfaces Quick and Easy"
This is how we wanted the experience? Quick and Easy. Create individual elements using design tools, and assemble them from Gear Watch Designer. Gear Watch Designer provides end-to-end user experience from watchface development to store upload.

"Just Bring your Design Tool experiences"
This tool has been designed with non-programmers in mind. The program is meant for easy use even for first time users. Since it’s based on existing graphic design tools, you can start using this tool without the big learning curve.

Chapter 1 : Simple Watch face - Gear Watch Designer

Chapter 1 will teach you to make a basic yet unconventional watch on the Gear Watch Designer.

Chapter 2 : Advanced Watch face - Gear Watch Designer

In this chapter you can add features to the watch app that you have created. As the Gear Watch Designer is feature rich, you can modify the elements of your watch to your customizations.

Chapter 3 : Animation Watch face - Gear Watch Designer

Having animations integrated into the watch app will make the User Experience be more satisfying. The Gear Watch Designer allows anyone to create elements of their watch based on their preferences.

Chapter 4 : Test & Selling - Gear Watch Designer

The Gear Watch Designer allows a full development lifecyle, from creating, testing, and to selling. Have Kim show you how to test and sell your apps on the Gear Watch Designer.

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