Tizen TV 4: Tizen Developer Conference 2015 Shenzhen

Hyogun Lee, Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics and Co-chair of Tizen Technical Steering Group

Mohan Rao GNS (Samsung) - Connecting with Tizen: An Overview & Roadmap

Young Jin Cho (Samsung) - Tizen Micro Profile for Low-end IoT Device

Ningxin Hu (Intel) - Crosswalk: Build World Class Hybrid Mobile Apps (Mandarin Language)

Luc Julia (Samsung) - SAMI, an IoT Platform for Easy Device Interoperability

Suyash Joshi - Developing and Designing Accessible Applications

Ashok Subash - IoTivity: Connecting Things With IoT

Guangnan Ni(倪光南) - Keynote: COSA (Mandarin Language)

Bo Wang(王波) - Keynote: Tencent (Mandarin Language)

Jun Liu - Keynote: Baidu (Mandarin Language)

Evan Spytma - Keynote: Unity

Curtis Sasaki (Samsung) - Keynote: Samsung