Tizen 2.3 Rev2 SDK dirilis, mendukung resolusi qHD

Tizen Technical Steering Grup hari ini mengumumkan ketersediaan Tizen 2.3 Rev2 SDK. Pengumuman ini mengikuti perilisan Tizen 2.3 source code pada awal pekan ini.

Tizen 2.3 Rev2 SDK sekarang tersedia melalui halaman SDK Download.

Highlights dari rilis ini meliputi antara lain perbaikan:
  • Native UI Builder
    • WYSIWYG Editor dengan dukungan untuk multiple view (Properties, Navigation, Outline, Resources).
    • Dukungan resolusi QHD (540X960) untuk Emulator, Web simulator, Native UI Builder, Web UI Builder.
  • Native IDE
    • Dukungan untuk multiple project (UI application, service application dan shared library) dalam satu package.

Silakan lihat release note berikut untuk rincian.

Tizen 2.3.0_Rev2

IDE and Tools

New Features

  • Native UI Builder
    • The Native UI Builder is a WYSIWYG Editing tool for Tizen Native App developer. It can help the developer to develop Tizen UI Application easily.
    • The Native UI Builder has the following features:
      • Project Template
        • 2 Native UI Builder Application Templates are added.
      • WYSIWYG Editor
        • 2 Native UI Builder Application Templates are added.
        • Widget Palette.
        • Drag-and-drop widget placement, moving, deleting, and visual layout editing.
        • ­Copy/cut/paste, and undo/redo, align, match size.
        • ­Guidelines
        • ­Preview mode
      • Properties View
        • Attributes editing through effective graphical UX.
        • Creating a visual UI event binding with you event handler code and moving to the event handler code.
      • Navigation View
        • Showing the view thumbnail.
        • You can switch editing view by clicking the view thumbnail.
      • Outline View
        • Hierarchical structure of the view.
      • Resources View
        • Resource management – import/copy/paste/delete resources.
        • You can edit the resource property of the widgets using drag and drop.
  • Emulator, Web simulator, Native UI Builder, Web UI Builder
    • The QHD(540X960) resolution is additionally supported.

Changed Features

  • Native IDE
    • Building and packaging
      • Multi-project packaging. You can develop a UI project and service or shared library projects as a package.

Tizen 2.3 Rev2 SDK release BY Technical Steering Group, 14 FEB 2015

Tizen Technical Steering Group today announced the availability of Tizen 2.3 Rev2 SDK.

Tizen 2.3 Rev2 SDK is now available via the SDK download page.

Highlights of this release include, among other improvements:
  • Native UI Builder
    • WYSIWYG Editor with support for multiple views (Properties, Navigation, Outline, Resources).
    • qHD(540X960) resolution support for Emulator, Web simulator, Native UI Builder, Web UI Builder.
  • Native IDE
    • Support for multiple projects (UI application, service application and shared library) in one package.

Please refer to the release notes for details.
This announcement follows the Tizen 2.3 source code release announcement made earlier this week.