Samsung Tizen TV SDK 1.2 telah dirilis

Samsung Electronics hari ini merilis Samsung TV SDK 1.2 berbasis OS Tizen. SDK ini menyediakan berbagai alat (tool) yang dibutuhkan oleh pengembang untuk mulai membuat aplikasi untuk platform Tizen TV. Seperangkat alat ini mencakup Integrated Development Environment (IDE), TV Simulator yang ringan untuk menguji aplikasi web (HTML5), debugger, dan TV Emulator.

Samsung Tizen TV SDK menggabungkan fitur terbaik dari TV dengan kekuatan teknologi berbasis web. Dengan menggabungkan ukuran, input, dan manfaat multimedia TV dengan fitur konektivitas internet, pengembang dapat membuat pengalaman baru yang inovatif bagi pengguna mereka.

Fitur utama di Samsung Tizen TV SDK 1.2:
  • Integrated DevelopmentEnvironment (IDE)
  • TV Emulator
  • TV Simulator
  • Debugger

Pengembang yang berencana untuk membuat aplikasi untuk Samsung Tizen TV didorong untuk men-download SDK untuk platform pengembangan yang mereka pilih. Instalasi file untuk Windows, Mac, dan Linux dapat ditemukan di:

Tizen-based Samsung TV SDK 1.2 has been released

The Samsung TV SDK Team is pleased to release the Tizen-based Samsung TV SDK 1.2.
The SDK provides developers with the tools they need tobegin developing for the Tizen TV platform.
The toolset includes an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a light-weight TV Simulator for testing webapps, and a TV Emulator.

A Tizen-based Samsung TV SDK combines the best features of a TV with the power of web based technologies. By combining the size, input, and multimedia benefits of a TV with the connectivity features of the internet, developers can create innovative new experiences for their users.

For overall information about Tizen App development, please refer to the Website.

Developers planning to make applicationsfor the Tizen-based Samsung TV are encouraged to download the SDK for their chosen development platform. Install files for Windows, Mac, and Linux can be found at:

■ Pre-Setting requirements before installingTizen-based Samsung TV SDK 1.2.
    ◾ Java
        Tizen-based Samsung TV SDK 1.2 Eclipse plugin requires Java Standard Edition (Java SE) version 1.7 or higher.    
        Please install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE):

    ◾ TV Emulator
         ◾ Intel VTx supported by CPU(recommended)
         ◾ Latest vendor-provided version of the graphic card driver for OpenGL® ES acceleration:

            ◾ On Ubuntu®:
                NVIDIA®/ATI® driver for Ubuntu® 12.04/14.04:
                To upgrade, go to System Settings > Additional Drivers.
                Download the latest driver from the vendor site, and install it.
                INTEL® driver for Ubuntu® 12.04/14.04:
                Requires an Intel® driver version 8.0.1 or higher.
                Ubuntu® 12.04 supports an Intel® driver higher than 8.0.1.

            ◾ On Windows®:
                Depending on your OS theme (such as non-Aero themes and Windows XP themes), adisplay surface can be erased for a while if the Emulator window is obscured byanother window. If you click the Emulator window, the display surface workscorrectly again.

            ◾ If the host machine is using theNvidia Optimus™ technology, the TV Emulator works with the on-board graphicschipset, and not with the Nvidia® external graphics card. To prevent this, youcan ether disable the Nvidia Optimus™ technology, or set the TV Emulator to runwith the Nvidia® external graphics card.
■ SDK System Requirements :
    • Processor : Dual Core 1.5GHz / Single Core 3GHz or higher
    • RAM : 4 GB or higher
    • OS (32bit and 64bit supported):
        ◦ Windows 7 (64bit recommendation), Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher 
        ◦ Linux: Tested on Ubuntu 12.x 
        ◦ Mac OS X : Intel-based hardware, OS versions 10.6 and above.
                     Apple Mac OS X 10.8(Mountain Lion) 64-bit, 10.9(Mavericks) 64-bit. (Only web simulator is supported.)
    • Screen resolution : 1280 x 1024 or higher
    • HDD : 5GB or higher
         ◦ When the disk storage is full, various incorrect operations can occur.
■ Main Features :

Integrated DevelopmentEnvironment (IDE)
    ◾ HTML, JS, CSS code editing
    ◾ Templates for Tizen TV applications
    ◾ Packaging Features
    ◾ NOTE: Currently, Author and Distributor certificates only support running apps in local SDK development environment. 
             Device-based certificates will be supported soon. 
    ◾ IDE Relevant Version Information: Eclipse Kepler (4.3)
    ◾ Because the old workspace metadata is incompatible due to the major upgrading effect, an IDE crash can occur. Create new workspace to avoid the problem.

TV Simulator
    ◾ Light-weight tool for testing TV Web Apps on the PC
    ◾ Support for HTML5
    ◾ Supported HTML5 media formats : ogg/ogv, MP4
    ◾ NOTE: The TV Simulator does not provide Tizen TV Product APIs. 
             Please use the Emulator for these APIs.

TV Emulator
    ◾ Full-stack Emulator for testing TV apps
    ◾ Tizen TV Product APIs

    ◾ HTML5 / JavaScript
    ◾ WebGL
    ◾ Tizen Web API
    ◾ Archive
    ◾ Exif

Debugger (Web Inspector)
    ◾ Code inspection
    ◾ JavaScript debugger
    ◾ Network & Resource profiling