Tizen 2.3 SDK Rev1 membawa perbaikan Network API

Tizen Technical Steering Group (TSG) kemarin mengumumkan bahwa Tizen 2.3 Rev1 SDK sekarang sudah tersedia. Versi revisi untuk Tizen 2.3 SDK ini membawa perubahan dan perbaikan Network API.

Highlights dari rilis ini meliputi antara lain:
  • Native API
    • Perbaikan bug untuk modul Network API di Native API.
  • IDE & Tools
    • Perubahan kebijakan Author certificate
      • Standar author certificate tidak didukung dari Tizen SDK 2.3.0_Rev1. Pengguna harus mendaftarkan author certificate untuk membuat package atau menjalankan aplikasi.

Selengkapnya lihat Release Note dibawah ini.

Tizen 2.3 Rev1 SDK bisa didownload di https://developer.tizen.org/downloads/tizen-sdk#2.3

Tizen 2.3 Rev1 SDK Release

We are pleased to announce that Tizen 2.3 Rev1 SDK is now available via the SDK download page.

Highlights of this release include, among other improvements:
  • Native API
    • Bug fixes for Network API module in Native API.
  • IDE & Tools
    • Change Author certificate Policy
      • Default author certificate is not supported from 2.3.0_Rev1. User should register author certificate to create packages or launch applications.

Tizen 2.3.0_Rev1 Release Notes

Tizen Platform Mobile Profile

Web framework

Changed Features

  • Webkit
    • The unit of Media Query has been changed from phisical pixel to CSS pixel.
    • Now window.screen object returns the values in which the devicePixelRatio is reflected.

Native Framework

Changed Features

  • Network API Module
    • The connection_reset_profile(…) has been changed from synchronous API to asynchronous API.
    • The behavior of NFC set activiaton via app control has been changed to return the result and end automatically after the operation.
    • The package_manager_clear_cache_dir(), package_manager_clear_all_cache_dir(), package_manager_get_package_size_info() and package_manager_get_total_package_size_info() have been removed for the security reason.
    • Bluetooth system popup has been added for phone book request and message request operations.

Fixed Bugs

  • Network API Module
    • The issue of the bluetooth pairing did not working properly on occasion has been fixed.
    • Connection API privilege issues have been fixed.

IDE and Tools

New Features

  • Web UI Builder
    • Migration
      • Added Migration wizard for project(tizen 2.2.1).
    • N-Screen
      • Added Configuration Editor (UI Builder project configuration editor).

Changed Features

  • Web UI Builder
    • Page Designer
      • Added page combo in toolbar.
      • Added “Set positon” in context menu.
    • Pages View
      • Changed page template wizard. (create, import, export template wizard).
      • Changed context menu(“Add Basic Page” From “Add Empty Page”).
      • The position of page name was changed to the top of the page in pages view.
    • DataBinding view
      • Added “Set Target” in toolbar of Data Model panel.
    • N-Screen
      • Changed devices list.
    • Animation
      • Added custom animation..
    • Changed timeline icon.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed less compiler’s bug that cannot compile less resources.
  • Removed xwalk’s launch command and option page.
  • Fixed to show logs normally for the service applications.
  • Emulator
    • In Ubuntu, added warning message if host’s graphic driver is invalid for emulator.(Gallium driver). Pop-up dialog is showed when.
      • Emulator is installed.
      • Launch emulator with emulator-manager.
    • IntelHaxm
      • Skip IntelHaxm installation if the same version of the driver has already been installed.
  • Tools
    • Added to generate .exportMap file when native project is created.
    • Fixed rootstrap bug that causes some compile error.
  • Web UI builder
    • Fixed UI Builder’s bug that occurred tool exception sometimes.

Known Issues