Thread Group sekarang menerima anggota baru

Thread Group hari ini mengumumkan bahwa mereka telah membuka keanggotaan dan akan mulai menerima aplikasi dari perusahaan yang tertarik menggunakan Thread dalam produk mereka. Thread Group didirikan pada bulan Juli oleh tujuh organisasi industri terkemuka termasuk Yale Security, Silicon Labs, Samsung Electronics, Nest Labs, Freescale® Semiconductor, Big Ass Fans dan ARM, untuk mengembangkan Thread, sebuah protokol jaringan mesh nirkabel berbasis IP baru yang dirancang khusus untuk Smart Home.

"Thread memungkinkan produk dalam rumah untuk secara aman berkomunikasi antar satu sama lain dalam cara-cara yang tidak mungkin dilakukan sebelumnya," kata Chris Boross, presiden dari Thread Group dan manajer produk teknis untuk Nest Labs. "Ribuan perusahaan telah menyatakan minatnya dalam Thread, dan kami berharap untuk melihat bagaimana mereka akan menggunakan teknologi Thread untuk membangun generasi berikutnya dari rumah yang terhubung."

Thread dirancang untuk memotong hambatan teknis yang telah mencegah adopsi Smart Home. Thread memungkinkan pengembang produk dan konsumen untuk dengan mudah dan aman menghubungkan lebih dari 250 perangkat ke jaringan wireless mesh berbasis IP berdaya rendah yang juga mencakup akses internet dan cloud secara langsung untuk setiap perangkat.

Thread Group Now Accepting Members

Companies Invited to Join the Thread Group to Build Connected Home Products Using Thread’s IP-Based Wireless Networking Protocol

SAN RAMON, Calif.--(TIZEN INDONESIA)--The Thread Group announced today that it has opened membership and will begin accepting applications from companies interested in using Thread in their products. The Thread Group was established in July by seven industry-leading organizations including Yale Security, Silicon Labs, Samsung Electronics, Nest Labs, Freescale® Semiconductor, Big Ass Fans and ARM, to develop Thread, a new IP-based wireless mesh networking protocol designed specifically for the home.

“Thread enables products in the home to securely communicate with one another in ways that were not possible before,” said Chris Boross, president, the Thread Group and technical product manager, Nest Labs. “Thousands of companies have already expressed interest in Thread, and we look forward to seeing how they will use Thread technology to build the next generation of the connected home.”

Thread was designed to bypass the technical roadblocks that have prevented widespread adoption of the connected home. Thread enables product developers and consumers to easily and securely connect more than 250 devices to a low-power, IP-based wireless mesh network that also includes direct Internet and cloud access for every device.

A Better Wireless Networking Protocol for the Home

Using proven standards and IPv6 technology with 6LoWPAN as its foundation, Thread offers numerous advantages over existing wireless standards:
  • IP-based technology: Thread is an Internet protocol designed specifically for the Internet of Things. It takes existing technologies and leverages the best parts of each to provide a better way to connect products in the home.
  • Reliable networks: Thread offers robust self-healing mesh networks that scale to hundreds of devices with no single point of failure. Devices are ready when people need them.
  • Secure networks: Thread networks feature secure, banking-class encryption. Thread closes identified security holes found in other wireless protocols and provides worry-free operation.
  • Simple connectivity: Thread devices are simple to install with a smartphone, tablet or computer. Consumers can securely connect Thread devices in the home to each other and to the cloud for easy control and access from anywhere.
  • Low power: Thread supports battery-operated devices as part of a home network. This allows the devices that people use every day – including thermostats, lighting controls, safety and security products – to be a part of the network without requiring constant charging or frequent battery changes.

Millions of existing 802.15.4 wireless devices already on the market can run Thread with just a software enhancement – no new hardware required.

Technical documentation for Thread will be available to member companies in November so that they can begin planning and developing Thread-certified products.

Thread Group Membership

The charter of the Thread Group is to guide the adoption of the Thread protocol. The Thread Group is focused on educating product developers and consumers on the benefits of Thread and providing a rigorous, meaningful product certification process. Three tiers of membership with the Thread Group are now available: Sponsor, Contributor and Affiliate. Interested companies can review membership benefits and apply at

About Thread

Designed for consumers and devices in and around the home, Thread easily and securely connects hundreds of devices to each other and directly to the cloud using real Internet Protocols in a low-power, wireless mesh network. The non-profit Thread Group is focused on making Thread the foundation for the Internet of Things in the home, educating product developers and consumers on the unique features and benefits of Thread and ensuring a great user experience through rigorous, meaningful product certification. Thread is backed by industry-leading companies including Yale Security, Silicon Labs, Samsung Electronics, Nest Labs, Freescale® Semiconductor, Big Ass Fans and ARM. For more information, please visit