Tizen SDK for Wearable 1.0.0 Beta2 telah dirilis

Tizen Technical Steering Group (TSG) pada 21 April kemarin telah merilis Tizen SDK for Wearable 1.0.0 Beta2. Tizen SDK for Wearable adalah seperangkat tool untuk mengembangkan aplikasi TIZEN Wearable. Ini terdiri dari TIZEN wearable IDE, Emulator, tool-chain, sampel aplikasi, dan dokumentasi. Tizen SDK for Wearable bisa berjalan pada Windows, Ubuntu, dan Mac OS X.

Tizen SDK for Wearable 1.0.0b2 Release Notes

API Changes

A. Web framework

  • SAP
    • Added authenticatePeerAgent API in SAAgent interface to provide authentication information of remote peer agent. 
  • Web Runtime
    • The following constraint is added for web application packages (widgets).
      • Application ID: Once published, an application ID cannot be changed.
  • Web Device API
    • Time API now has setDateTimeChangeListener/unsetDateTimeChangeListener to set/unset a listener for a time setting change.
    • MotionType “HRM” and “SLEEP_MONITOR” are removed from the Motion API.
    • The Bluethooth API , which was incorrectly listed in the supported API lists in the 1.0.0b1 release note, is now removed in the list.
  • Web UI Framework
    • IndexScrollbar() can receive options object.
    • Swipelist widget is added.
    • System font change is reflected. The default font-family is set to “Tizen”, which indicates the default system font. If the default font is changed by the setting menu, the application’s font is also changed.

​​B. Fixed Bugs

  • Webkit
    • Audio recording support with Camera API.
      • “audio:true” of MediaStreamOptions is now supported in getUserMedia() API
      • Audio recording is supported with Camera API by passing audio-only MediaStream object to createCameraControl() API
      • Supported audio recording format : AMR and 3GP
    • Multimedia defect fix
      • preview pause not working issue fixed
      • camera resource management issue fixed
      • video & audio seeking issue fixed

IDE and Tools

A. New Features

  • Certificate
    • Provide using Android keystore at generating certificate request
  • ​SAP
    • ​Support SAP stack for emulator which is able to communicate with android host device.

B. Fixed Bugs

  • Emulator
    • Fixed that screen shot image may not be copied to clipboard on Ubuntu™ 64-bit.

C. Known Issues

  •  Web-IDE
    • When user query the properties of file, the properties of folder including the file is shown instead in the Connection Explorer. 

Tizen SDK for Wearable 1.0.0b2

For more information about the Gear App Development, please visit Samsung Developers:http://developer.samsung.com/samsung-gear
  • Install Manager

    Ubuntu® 32bitstizen-wearable-sdk-2.2.150_ubuntu32.bin4.0M7c54fc04ebef6fb7162760070c6a0524Apr 22, 2014
    Ubuntu® 64bitstizen-wearable-sdk-2.2.150_ubuntu64.bin4.1Me1e1fc624b654f48411c3d889211c6d6Apr 22, 2014
    Windows® 7 32bitstizen-wearable-sdk-2.2.150_windows32.exe4.5Mc69d7a4072510560748c131e5d676a9fApr 22, 2014
    Windows® 7 64bitstizen-wearable-sdk-2.2.150_windows64.exe4.5Md0e29f7fd5d97757b2f48ff48fb63734Apr 22, 2014
    Mac OS X® (Intel)tizen-wearable-sdk-2.2.150_macos64.dmg4.2Mc934d6dd4d99dea2578563ab9eda085dApr 22, 2014
    Mac OS X® (Intel,CLI)tizen-wearable-sdk-2.2.150-macos64.bin4.0Mfbe0b207c2c36a63e5eab667b3eae204Apr 22, 2014
  • SDK Image

    Ubuntu® 32bitstizen-wearable-sdk-image-TizenSDKW_1.0.0b2-ubuntu32.zip560Mc69bab3cf29bc0e73192989957d9003cApr 22, 2014
    Ubuntu® 64bitstizen-wearable-sdk-image-TizenSDKW_1.0.0b2-ubuntu64.zip561Mc44e506c364aab85faadf2388a556cf7Apr 22, 2014
    Windows® 7 32bitstizen-wearable-sdk-image-TizenSDKW_1.0.0b2-windows32.zip568M89687e3c94edf56551a9962948e9f8bfApr 22, 2014
    Windows® 7 64bitstizen-wearable-sdk-image-TizenSDKW_1.0.0b2-windows64.zip567Mddd36a8f624367fd7e6a1a55c654d4f5Apr 22, 2014
    Mac OS X® (Intel)tizen-wearable-sdk-image-TizenSDKW_1.0.0b2-macos64.zip555M6e6a8bc995e6770a483ed1898c472369Apr 22, 2014

    Jika pengembang ingin mengembangkan aplikasi yang sesuai dengan aplikasi wearable TIZEN menggunakan perangkat mobile Samsung, silakan mengunjungi Samsung Mobile SDK. (Atau http://developer.samsung.com/samsung-mobile-sdk/)