YoYo Games luncurkan Tizen Game Drive, kompetisi buat pengembang game berhadiah 700 juta

Untuk merayakan peluncuran TIZEN mendatang, YoYo Games menawarkan kesempatan buat pengembang game untuk memenangkan hadiah uang tunai di sebuah kompetisi baru yang disebut Tizen Game Drive. YoYo Games menawarkan hadiah uang tunai $60.000 (sekitar 700 juta rupiah) untuk pemenangnya. Pemenang akan diambil secara acak dari semua game yang telah lulus dari pengujian di TIZEN STORE selama berlangsungnya kompetisi.

Kompetisi ini akan berlangsung dari tanggal 21 November 2013 - 31 Januari 2014, dan YoYo Games juga menawarkan kepada semua peserta untuk menerima salinan modul untuk mengekspor game TIZEN melalui GameMaker: Studio secara gratis.

Pemenang akan akan dinilai berdasarkan: Graphics, Audio, Controls, Gameplay dan Fun. Modul Tizen eksport akan tersedia buat pengembang dengan GameMaker: Studio Professional dan Master Collection di seluruh kompetisi tanpa biaya. Untuk memulai dan dukungan dengan GameMaker: Studio dan modul Tizen exports, silahkan mengunjungi YoYo Games Tizen Support Page.

Untuk ikut kompetisi ini silakan mengunjungi: http://contests.yoyogames.com/

Tizen Game Drive Terms & Conditions

  1. These Terms defined below apply to YoYo Games’ Tizen Game Drive Competition.
  2. By entering the Competition, entrants agree to be bound by the Terms. In addition, all entrants are required to comply with the GameMaker EULA.
  3. YoYo Games reserves the right to cancel or amend Competitions or the Terms at its sole discretion.
  4. In the event of any dispute regarding the Terms, conduct, results and all other matters relating to a Competition, the decision of YoYo Games shall be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.
  5. YoYo Games reserves the right to disqualify any entrant if it has reasonable grounds to believe the entrant is not eligible or has otherwise breached any of the Terms.
  6. YoYo Games does not guarantee to use any entry. YoYo Games may also, in appropriate circumstances, and at its sole discretion, reject, edit, remove or disable access to entries that it considers may be legally or otherwise problematic.
  7. By entering the Competition entrants are also confirming that they own the rights to or have permission for all work submitted and any violation of this disqualifies them from the competition.
  8. By entering the Competition entrants give YoYo Games your permission to use your game details for marketing purposes.
  9. The competition Start Date is Thursday November 21, 2013.
  10. The competition Closing Date is Friday January 31, 2014.
  11. The competition Judging Period starts on Monday, February 3, 2014.
  12. All Entries must be created using GameMaker: Studio™ and there is no proof of purchase necessary.
  13. The following prizes will be awarded based on the set criteria for the competition.
    1. One 1st place prize of $10,000
    2. Two 2nd place prizes of $2,500
    3. Five 3rd place prizes of $1,000
  14. There are an additional Forty Random Prize Draw prizes of $1,000 for submitted games which have passed Tizen Store Certification throughout the competition.
  15. If the entry was made by a team, the person who submits the game will be responsible for any prize sharing.
  16. YoYo Games employees are not eligible to enter the competition.
  17. All entrants under the age of 18 must have their parents’ permission before any prizes are awarded.
  18. There is no limit to the number of entries that an entrant can submit.
  19. Each game can only be entered once.
  20. Competition entries must be new games to the Tizen Store
  21. In order to participate in the competition entries must:
    1. Be created using GameMaker: Studio™
    2. Have passed Tizen certification by Friday January 31, 2014.
    3. Be submitted to YoYo Games by Friday January 31, 2014.
  22. Entrants must use the competition entry form on the YoYo Games website to submit their games.
  23. Winners will be notified by YoYo Games Ltd. On or before Friday, February 28, 2014.
  24. Competition winners will be announced via the YoYo Games website.