Canon, HP, Samsung dan Xerox luncurkan Mopria Alliance untuk mempermudah mobile printing

Canon, HP, Samsung Electronics dan Xerox hari ini meluncurkan Mopria Alliance, sebuah organisasi nirlaba dengan keanggotaan global yang dibentuk untuk mempromosikan, menyederhanakan dan meningkatkan aksesibilitas untuk mencetak secara nirkabel (wireless printing) dari smartphone, tablet dan perangkat mobile lainnya.

Mopria Alliance bertujuan untuk membawa perangkat mobile, software dan industri printer secara bersama-sama dengan tujuan untuk menyelaraskan standar yang membuat pencetakan menjadi kompatibel secara universal dari perangkat mobile ke printer dimana saja.

Mopria Alliance akan fokus pada:
  • Meruntuhkan penghalang antara merek dengan menghilangkan kebutuhan bagi pengguna untuk mengunduh beberapa driver printer
  • Membuat lebih baik - lebih mudah dan lebih mudah diakses - meningkatkan pengalaman pengguna untuk mobile printing
  • Memperkenalkan merek Mopria dan menggunakan merek sebagai wahana untuk mendidik konsumen dan bisnis pada kemudahan penggunaan mobile printing
  • Mempengaruhi perkembangan dan penerapan standar untuk mobile printing
  • Menyediakan lingkungan yang terbuka dan tool untuk pengembang software untuk menggabungkan printer ke aplikasi mobile

Dengan standarisasi teknologi mobile printing, Mopria Alliance akan memungkinkan para pengembang aplikasi mobile dan pemain industri lain untuk memfokuskan sumber daya pada inovasi dan fitur baru di luar mempertahankan fungsi dasar printer.

Canon, HP, Samsung Electronics and Xerox today launched the MopriaTM Alliance, a global non-profit membership organization formed to promote, simplify and increase accessibility of wireless printing from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

The Mopria Alliance aims to bring together the mobile, software and print industries with the goal of aligning to standards that make printing universally compatible from any mobile device to any printer anywhere. The Mopria Alliance will focus on:
  • Breaking down barriers between brands by eliminating the need for users to download multiple print drivers
  • Creating a better – easier and more accessible – user experience for mobile printing
  • Introducing the Mopria brand and using the brand as a vehicle to educate consumers and businesses on the ease-of-use of mobile printing
  • Influencing the development and adoption of standards for mobile printing
  • Providing an open environment and tools for software developers to incorporate print into mobile applications

By standardizing mobile printing technologies, the Mopria Alliance will enable mobile app developers and other industry players to focus resources on innovation and new features beyond maintaining basic print functions.

Addressing an Industry Need

By the end of 2013, the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the number of people on Earth1, changing the way people do everything from capturing memories to managing work on the go. Currently, 40% of employees use their own smart phones in the workplace, and in the next three years, the number is expected to increase to 56%2. While the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend has become second nature for many employees and businesses, printing from mobile devices has not.

Today more than 24% of smartphone and 32%of tablet users want to be able to print from their devices and by 2015, 50% of smart phone users and 58% of tablet users will want to print3 The Mopria Alliance will ensure this need is met with simple, ubiquitous wireless print capability across software, mobile and print devices.

Mopria Alliance Customer Benefit Goals
  • Consumers: Will be able to print from their mobile device without having to manually connect to a printer or install software. They will rely on an intuitive and simple user experience that is consistent across devices and printers at work, at home and on-the-go.
  • Mobile Device Manufacturers: Will no longer need to align with each individual printer manufacturer in order to deploy mobile print functionality.
  • Printer Manufacturers: Will provide ongoing print function compatibility with mobile devices without continual re-engineering and development with different mobile device manufacturers or service providers.
  • Application Designers and Developers: Will increase the value and productivity for their mobile applications by integrating mobile printing through standardized and simplified SDKs and APIs. Service Providers: Will be able to offer simple accessible mobile printing as a value-add for customers. Initial Software Developers deploying the standard

A number of software developers plan to introduce applications equipped with Mopria Alliance standards so users can soon begin experiencing the benefits of mobile printing:
  • Adobe
  • Papyrus
  • HP Live Photo
  • Diptic

Supporting Quotes:

  • "We believe that providing a consistent and intuitive experience across all devices will open new doors for mobile printing. The Mopria Alliance print standard was developed to overcome today's limitations to printing from mobile devices." – Masaki Nakaoka, Senior Managing Director, Office Imaging Products Operations, Canon Inc.

  • “As manufacturers begin to implement a unified printing standard, customers will discover an entirely new way to print from their mobile devices – all without added set up procedures or app downloads.” – Emily Ketchen, vice president, Worldwide Integrated Marketing and Communications, Printing and Personal Systems, HP

  • “The lack of easy print solutions has limited the usage of features and applications in mobile devices. The Mopria Alliance will open up the opportunity for innovative and convenient mobile printing and as well as the use of mobile devices.” – Sungho Choi, Vice President, Standards & Technology Enabling, Samsung Electronics

  • “The Mopria Alliance is all about simplicity. If a person is at home, in the office or traveling on the road, they want a simple, secure mobile printing experience. The Alliance embodies the freedom to print from anywhere from any device. It’s that simple.” – Karl Dueland, vice president , Solutions Delivery Unit, Xerox

Software Partners
  • “As the inventor of cross-platform printing technology, Adobe is proud to be joining the Mopria Alliance. Creating an easy, high-quality printing experience for mobile users is core to Adobe's mission and we're pleased to work with the alliance to lend our expertise to this effort.” – Dennis Griffin, Director of Adobe Document Products.

Analyst quotes
  • "IDC applauds this initiative by leading hardcopy equipment manufacturers to simplify and streamline user print experience from mobile touch points such as smart phones and tablets. Mobile print users will benefit from common standards, certified products and interoperability across the print ecosystem. It is great to see the print industry take on the challenge head-on to align, drive common standards across mobile devices, printer devices and mobile OS systems to meet the rapidly growing market need for mobile printing." – Dinesh Srirangpatna, Research Manager, Hardcopy usage Research Practice, IDC

Joining the Alliance

There will be different membership levels designed to support the goals of the Mopria Alliance while ensuring successful ubiquitous deployment of the standards.

Software application developers are a key target of the Alliance, and will be able to join the Mopria Alliance for free. They will need to accept the alliance’s license agreement to use its SDK and download the APIs.

The Mopria standards will be available soon. Members of the Alliance will begin incorporating the standard in their products in the coming months.

For companies interested in joining the Mopria Alliance, please contact the alliance at:

Supporting Resources

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